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TONiC MND Biosamples donation from home!

As part of the FINDeRS study, the TONiC researchers have ethical permission to collect and analyse biosamples from people with MND.

What is a biosample?

•  Saliva (spit), cheek swab, blood samples, collected by blood draw from a vein, urine or stool sample.

Study design

• The samples will be collected by you at home (e.g. spitting into a tube) with the guidance of teams at University College London (UCL) and King's College London.

• The results will be linked to the completed TONiC questionnaire packs


• 18 or over

• Anyone registered with The TONiC study who has returned at least one, completed TONiC questionnaire pack close to the time of providing a biosample. This is so we have an up-to-date assessment to match with the bio sample.

What is a biobank?

• A collection of blood, urine, body-tissue or other body-fluids (collectively termed biosamples) stored as a resource for future research.

Learn more

• contact the TONiC office on 0151 556 3693 or email

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