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Analyzing Data

Data Sharing

We believe it is very important that you understand exactly how we will share your data.

What data will be shared with commercial companies who are assisting with the genetic analysis?

The table below shows the information from the pack which will be available to the commercial company doing the genetic analysis.  We want to show you this in full so that you can assess the chance of being identified.

Data Sharing Table - FINDeRS.png

This person is a woman born in 1970 who was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2001 and takes a beta interferon. She has mild disability affecting her legs, does not smoke, and has high blood pressure.  She has not had a relapse in 2019 but at some time in her life she did have 2 relapses in a year. The scores are based on her questionnaire done some time in 2019 and are about middle of the range.

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